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Tikka T3/T3x Billet Magazines EXTRAS


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Since the Tikka T3 and T3x were released, Tikka Shooters have complained about the plastic magazines included with the rifle.  Companies have released billet magazines, but the cost is prohibitive for most gun owners.

Mountain Tactical is now making quality billet magazines available for a comparable price to factory plastic magazines.

The Mountain Tactical billet magazines are machined from a solid piece of aircraft grade billet aluminum. 

The magazine followers are machined from Delrin, a self-lubricating thermo-polymer typically reserved for precision applications requiring high lubricity while retaining superior solvent and chemical resistance.

One of the key components is a quality magazine spring.  Going cheap would create a magazine that would fatigue over time and fail in the field. 

We’ve chosen to have custom 17-7 PH stainless steel manufactured.  17-7 PH is an amazing material designed for the aerospace industry when intricate parts require low distortion over time and temperature changes.  Additionally, it has phenomenal corrosion resistance and retains its mechanical properties under substantial stress. 


Magazine Material – 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Mag Catch Finish – Mil Spec Hard Anodized

Magazine Follower - Delrin

Magazine Spring – 17-7 Stainless Steel

Magazine Weight:

-        Standard – 3.5 ounces

-        Extended – 5.5 ounces

223 Magazine:

-        .223 family of cartridges

-        Standard – 4 rounds

-        Extended – 6 rounds

-        COAL – 2.60 inches

Short Action Magazine:

-        .308 family of cartridges

-        Standard – 3 rounds

-        Extended – 5 rounds

-        COAL – 2.9 inches

Short Action WSM Magazine:

-        Short Mag family of cartridges

-        Standard – 3 rounds

-        Extended – 5 rounds

-        COAL – 3.0 inches

Long Action Magazine:

            -        Magnum family of cartridges (3rd MAGAZINE ONLY!)

-        30-06 family of cartridges

-        Standard – 3 rounds

-        Extended – 5 rounds

-        COAL – 3.4 inches

Long Action WSM Magazine:

-        Long Action WSM cartridges

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